With million of Malaysian in Movement Restriction Order(MCO) because of the Covid-19 crisis, families may be wondering about their activity when they need to hunker down at home for at least 6 weeks.

Experts say that preparing emotionally for self-isolation is at least as important as making physical preparations.

These guidelines are to ease the stress include suggestions regarding COVID 19 prevention, how to make peace with your restrictions and how to keep restless children occupied.

In addition, official advisories can be found at the Ministry of Health website.

Get your Family a personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Always make sure your safety the number one priority. Eventhough we are still in MCO, people are still allowed to go to buy groceries, banks and other essential sector. Therefore, you need to have your own PPE for your family to avoid getting infected while doing your errands. Worry not about stock, Evergreen Freelife have an ample amount of PPE for Malaysian.

#facemask ( to prevent virus from spreading )
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#poncho (for outer protection)×80/
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#Gloves ( to protect hand from virus on the surface )
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#HandSanitizer ( To kill germs and virus on your palm )


Involve the children in thinking about what you can do as a family to manage space constraints, routines and screen time, and device use.

“For example, if one child needs to work on an e-assignment, can he use the shared desktop at a certain time while his sibling tackles her homework that does not require the computer?”


This includes groceries with a long shelf life such as frozen and tinned vegetables and fruit, rice for carbohydrates and tinned meat and fish for protein.There is no need to buy too much food even if it has to last two weeks as food delivery services are satisfying


It may be more helpful to think about trying to parent calmly for the bulk of each day, or to aim for at least three to five positive interactions with each child daily, rather than setting an impossible standard of perfection (of never losing your cool)

Parents are recommended to take “sanity breaks” by stealing away for 15 minutes of quiet when everyone else is preoccupied.


Spouses need boundaries too. Some people need peace and quiet to work; others enjoy occasional banter or background music. It helps to state each other’s needs and preferences.

Set realistic expectations regarding working from home, doing household chores and child-minding, and team up on tasks such as dad supervising the children’s homework while mum is cooking.


If you watch the award-winning movie Parasite, you can see a child was camping in its own yard. Kids love to camp, you can even set it up at your living hall so your kids could experience camping in the house


Use positive psychology to support people to be happier, suggests reframing the enforced solitude.

“Instead of using words like ‘stuck’, adopt a growth mindset by seeing potential in spending this time connecting with one another or continue creating your legacy.

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