Free and Easy Weekend Escape

7th and 8th March 2020

On the first week of March 2020, Evergreen Freelife had joined MalaysiaCar Camping activities by camping at a beautiful lakeside just located outside the skirt of KLIA  where you can enjoy sleeping with  thousands stars and wake up with a delightful sunrise. For MalaysiaCar Camping, they are famous for organizing this kind of nature program and for us, this was a perfect time to escape from a hectic lifestyle where everything move so fast.

Obviously, by the time we reach Sg. Pelek Sepang Private Campsite, time moves so slow, no noise pollution and we were being entertain by just the sound of the nature and all participant excitingly setting up the camps.

Our first program was free and leisure since everyone was a bit tired from the journey and setting up the camp site. Most participant use this time to update their social media with amazing greeny- theme pictures. By 5PM and the sun start to set, we gather our safety equipments, paddles and start  kayaking on the smooth and calm water until sunset. For a better understanding of our activities, I have  list down tentatively our activities when we were there. 

1st Day

1300 : Arriving at Sg Pelek Sepang Private Campsite and we were greet with a welcome drinks

1400 : Setting Up the Camp

1500 : Free and leisure activity

1700 : Kayaking at Sg Pelek and enjoying the sunset view

2030 : BBQ Seafood Dinner

2130 : Night Fishing

2100 – 2300 : Campfire while BBQ marshmallow

2315 : Sleeping

Barbeque session was really tasty and everyone was interactively talking with each other. Some take the night time to go fishing and some enjoying their time by the campfire eating marsmallow and singing acoustic songs.

We are off for a really really good sleep after having a good time and very excited to experience  the sunrise at Sg Pelek.

2nd Day

0700 : Wake up for beautiful sunrise

0800 :  Breakfast

0900 : Kayaking/Fishing/ Open activity

1130 : Packing and clean up

1200 :  Check Out

Its my first time kayaking and I immediately fall in love with this sport. Water sport could be tricky yet adventuring. Luckily im well prepared because I manage to get a waterproof beg from Freelife and it’s safety feature was outstanding as the bag often slip into the water but everything in it is happen to be completely safe !

As we head our way home, I realize a few changes in myself where I feel happier compared to when Im in the city. I notice camping is a really good activity where it actually enchance your mind strength.

For example:

  • Restful Sleep

during your day camping, they are filled with activities, exploring, and breathing in fresh air. Its no wonder you’ll get a better night ‘s sleep outside.

  • Feeling Inspired

camping is a perfect environment  where you can focus on task thst need performed when back home. The silence, the calmness and sense of focus really can inspire you to think about what you need to do to achieve your own personal goals in life !

  • Recharged My Battery

Being able to wake up and go to bed in natural surroundings really does recharge your batteries if you feel run down from the pressures of everyday life.

  • Fight Depression and Distraction

hearing the trees sway in wind, the bird chirping in the morning, the soothing sound of water are all noises and things to see that really do make you feel happier and more content

  • Improve confidence

Accomplishing a goal or task and knowing that you worked for it, promotes a sense of achievement and can be extremely beneficial to your confidence

I definitely cant wait to come back to camping again. But before that I will make sure that I will stop at Evergreen Freelife  to buy the essential equipment, get a new tent and get ready for the awesome adventure and experience.

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