Outdoor sleeping bags are essential to any outdoor trip. As such, one needs to carefully select their sleeping bag to suit their particular purpose. The type of sleeping bag you choose will be based on the type of trip you intend on taking.

For instance, if you are looking for a backpacking sleeping bag, you would choose one that isn’t too heavy as it won’t tire you out while you carry it around all day. However, when looking for sleeping bags for camping, comfort is your main concern.

A key consideration that you should keep in mind when choosing your outdoor sleeping bag is the temperature rating. When picking backpacking sleeping bags, you should choose one that has the lowest temperature rating.

The temperature rating of the sleeping bag is the lowest temperature at which the bag can keep the camper/backpacker warm. It is advisable that you choose a sleeping bag that has a temperature rating slightly lower than the lowest temperature you are likely to encounter.

Sleeping bag insulation is another key consideration that any camper/backpacker should keep in mind when making their decision. In terms of price and performance, synthetic insulation is a popular option.

Synthetic sleeping bags are quick drying and insulate even when wet. Moreover, they are also less expensive than down-filled bags and are quite durable. If you have any allergies, then synthetic-fill sleeping bags are the best option for you.

If you are looking for a more durable and compressible alternative, then you should try goose-down insulation sleeping bags which are available in a number of stores. It should be noted that goose-down bags have a higher cost than their synthetic counterparts.

You should also consider other factors such as the shape and fit of the bag as well as the general features of the bag such as zipper compatibility, stash pocket, pillow and other comfort features.

Most sleeping bags come with a rectangular shape which allows maximum comfort and roominess. If you would like to have a larger-than-average sleeping bag, then you should get two sleeping bags that have compatible zippers; mating the two bags creates a very comfortable double bed.

Special features such as stash pockets and pillows are comfort features which some individuals don’t need. The stash pocket, as the name suggests, gives you a place to keep your mp3, iPod, watch, etc. In case you need to keep these items close at hand, the stash pocket is a feature that you will certainly need.