Visit To Kampung Orang Asli

Organizing a trip to an orang asli settlement is indeed an eye opening experience. And it is indeed a humbling moment when we could make use of our equipment at its best since the community there is living a very traditional lifestyle, from their house to meals preparation.

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Showing them how to cook using our aluminium messtin did really an enjoyable experience. Comes with two convenient size, we could provide the community there a quite a decent meals for the day. The process is rather quite easy and handy, since the messtin is considerably light and it works like a non-stick pan.

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We also set up our hammocks during our stay there, which is well equipped with sun protective sheet and mosquitoes net. This item is rather comes more handy than putting up a tent, since we could still enjoy the cold night breeze and shade from the hot sun. It even could hold up to 100kg and is very light in material.

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Having an egg container is probably the most convenient item ever. This container could hold up to 12 eggs and its durability keep our eggs safe and secure despite the rough journey we have to reach this settlement.

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