NITE IZE HandleBand – Clear (HDB-02-R3)


The HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount allows you to securely attach most mobile phones to a handlebar, with or without a case, to be easily seen and conveniently accessible to use while riding, walking, or running. Made with a lightweight expandable silicone with an aluminum base at its core, the single band securely wraps around nearly any sized bar – including bicycles, jogging strollers, and shopping carts.

It can be positioned wherever you want, attached and removed as often as you need, and is designed to allow full functionality of your smartphone while it’s in place. View maps, talk to Siri, use your training apps, or video camera – or even use your phone as a bike light at night – all while keeping your smartphone safe and accessible. The flexible nature of silicone gives the HandleBand the capability to secure and wrap other devices, too (like flashlights or bike pumps) for functionality that fits your lifestyle.

Simple, versatile, and with a streamlined design, the HandleBand is the perfect way to stay connected on even the longest rides.

Bonus: it functions as a bottle opener, too!

Product details:

  • Universal design fits nearly every smartphone, with or without a case
  • Conveniently accessible to attach and remove smartphone without having to remove the HandleBand from the bar
  •  Split Strap allows for visibility and accessibility to the screen while still attached to HandleBand
  •  Easily attaches to most common bar diameters in either horizontal or perpendicular configuration
  •  Attach with zip ties for added security when leaving the HandleBand on your bike
  •  Simple, robust design holds your device securely, even during off-road riding
  •  Aluminum base piece functions as a convenient bottle opener
  •  Lightweight and durable Silicone & Aluminum construction
  • Fits most smartphones with or without cases from 58 x 10 mm to 86 x 20 mm
  • Fits most bar diameters from 23 to 51 mm
  •  Color: Clear
  • Weight: 82g

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