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  • Cleverly designed and wonderfully useful, the lightweight and strong Guyot Utensils comprise five eating, cooking and serving utensils in just two pieces!
  • There’s a spoon that is deep enough to hold soup, a fork with tines wide enough to twirl spaghetti, a spreader, a spatula and a knife that’s sharp enough to really cut.
  • The Utensils are basically the same as the Guyot MicroBite set, but with a longer handle, making them more useful for reaching into a pot, cookstove or food pouch.
  • Made from resilient nylon polymer, they can withstand temperature up to 405°F, but weigh next to nothing and take up minimal space in your kit.
  • The handles ‘snap’ togethr for safe, easy storage, and the lightening handle holes let you fix them up in your tent with a biner.

1.4 ounces

9.5″ x 2″

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