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True Utility TurboJet® FireWire® is the perfect lighter for outdoor use. Have you ever been stuck with a lighter that will not light in harsh, windy conditions? With this windproof lighter, never have this issue again.

The TurboJet® FireWire® has a multitude of fucntions which are ideal for the outdoors. A high altitude valve allows the lighter to be used on places such as mountains, whilst a one handed flip lid makes the lighter easy to use with just one hand. Whilst being able to reach 1300°C, the flame itself can be adjusted using the flame adjuster feature.

The alloy body has an easy to use refillable feature for repeated use, running off standard lighter fluid.

The TurboJet Flame can burn at any angle, even upside down, allowing you to not only meet those extreme outdoor tests but safely execute everyday tasks such as lighting barbecues, bonfires and household candles. They make the perfect gifts for outdoor enthusiasts and all those outdoor smokers with no compromise to style. If you can’t stand the heat, control the power using the flame adjuster wheel. The TurboJet Flame has optimum styling and no petrol smells, it has just pure unadulterated fire power.

The TurboJet Flame carry the latest 1300°C windproof technology ; enabling you to light a flame in the windiest conditions. Due to the latest FireWire technology that is incorporated into the burner head this windproof TurboJet lighter will brave just about any weather conditions.

  • Windproof TurboJet lighter.
  • Burns Even Upside-down.
  • 1300°C Heat Output.
  • Windproof TurboJet flame.
  • FireWire Technology.
  • Refillable.
  • Integral Flame adjuster.
  • No Petrol Smell.
  • Cool space-age design and the hottest of flames that will ignite on the windiest of days.


  • Material: Alloy.
  • Colour: Dark Chrome.
  • Size: L75 x W38 x D18mm.
  • Weight: 73 grams.
  • Windproof TurboJet flame.
  • Refillable.
  • Flame adjuster.

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