Hand-bearing precision compasses: – Suunto bearing compasses are designed to combine extreme accuracy with ease and speed of operation.
The accuracy is 1/3, graduation half and the compass weighs only 115 g.
The flat, compact housing has no protruding parts and are designed to stand up to heavy wear.
Compasses are water-resistant.
The maps of these compasses are immersed in a special damping fluid vibration-less, ensure smooth behavior.
The compass is set to a non-magnetic pivot with jewel-bearing.
The special sintered magnet ensures a long life for accuracy and smooth behavior.
The liquid remains clear and retains its low viscosity, even at high temperatures variations for years. – have received permanent anti-static treatment compasses.
The lens apertures of the Suunto KB-14 and KB-20 types are limited horizontally by a column, which will automatically center the eye on the optical axis, and thus parallax.
There is also a rubber sleeve accessory for all Suunto KB-14- versions of which is made of a salt water-and UV-resistant mixture of EPDM and natural rubber.
Balancing five geographical zones: – The vertical intensity and the direction of the earth magnetic field, the gradient, affects the horizontal plane of a compass according to the latitude where it is used.
Due to inclination compasses must be balanced for different geographical areas in order to keep the needle in a horizontal position.
The Suunto precision instruments are balanced to five different geographic balancing zones to ensure the best possible performance in each region.
The demand for high accuracy and reliability of the professionals using these tools requires geographical location of the compass.


  • Accuracy 1/3
  •  Graduation interval 0.5
  •  Anodized aluminum casing
  •  Optical correction
  •  Damping fluid
  • Jeweled bearing – Declination correction ( in D versions)
  •  Nylon pouch with belt loop
  •  Lanyard
  • Available for 5 geographic balancing zones
  •  2 years warranty
  •  Dimensions: 75 x 52 x 15 mm
  •  Weight 115 g / 4 oz


  •  Precision instruments
  •  Compass accuracy 1 / 3
  •  Adjustable declination correction scale optional
  •  Anodized aluminum casing
  •  Graduation interval 1/2
  •  Lanyard and brass loop
  •  Nylon pouch with belt loop
  •  Optical correction
  • Thread hole for tripod
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