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For heart rate monitoring during outdoor adventures The Suunto Vector Image HR is your tool for peak performance and on the mountain. Armed with an altimeter, barometer, electronic compass, and heart rate monitor you have in the highest highs and the furthest reaches at any time over all decision-relevant information. Heart Rate Measurement While climbing Their performance is dependent not only on external factors: Their body functions determine to a large extent, whether are scheduled to have a great adventure and a miserable ordeal. Set HR zone alarms to let you know immediately when you ahead of your heart rate or when your training load is too low. A period of probationary training for a climb with the HR monitor gives your efforts with objective measurement data. Whether you are doing a long, steady hike, or work in short intervals of intense bursts of energy, does not matter. By controlling your morning resting heart rate also avoid time a possible overtraining. Suunto Comfort Belt Suunto Comfort Belt with soft textile materials is equipped with unique traction straps that ensure that it will not slip or accidentally overtightened. The narrow Close serve the length adjustment and reduce the friction and Abschürfrisiko so that you virtually do not feel the strap during training. The buckle on the front panel allows convenient closure of the belt and also doubles as an reach key for the battery cover. Altimeter The altimeter is for altitudes up to 9000 meters (29,500 feet) and therefore suitable for all 14 world famous eight-thousanders. It measures your vertical speed, and works with the HR monitor gives you the power light on the physiological impact of both altitude and vertical speed. Besides being able to set altitude alarms and to inform you so that reaching another limit, the device has an automatic 24-hour memory stores the recorded every hour, Aufstiegs-/Abstiegsgeschwindigkeit and other intervals. With the stored total and cumulative descent and ascent data in the logbook, you can see and compare all of your ups and downs in conclusion. Barometer The Suunto Vector HR displays real-time barometric pressure and temperature, so that you are informed about the upcoming weather conditions. You can either keep the weather trend graph in the eye or evaluate the automatically recorded barometric data for the past four days. With correctly reference height the device also displays the current air pressure at sea level, and thus easier for you to read and understand the barometric pressure at high altitudes. However, keep in mind that the detected barometric pressure changes in the mountains, if you continue to move up or down, and the forecasts of weather thus can be a complicated matter. Compass The digital compass guides you with the main and half-cardinal points and a north-south arrow the right direction. And by setting a desired direction on the compass will take you and your Suunto Vector HR helps in unknown terrain. For a more accurate reading unit also has a function for declination with you to correct the difference between true north and magnetic north. Time The Suunto Vector HR displays the current time in 12 – or 24-hour format and includes three daily alarms and a calendar. In addition, the chronograph to support your stopwatch with split times, Countdown timer, and interval timer undreamt-of training efficiency.

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