Backplane using a lamination forming air suspension system, air cushion on the bear than the traditional system is more breathable, more comfortable, the structure of the air cushion is ergonomically designed to make the suspension system has excellent ventilation and wicking capabilities, let your journey on foot to maintain the best condition; main pocket also has a grid layer, can be placed on your notebook computer and other items; backpack front and side pieces with a high density of elastic cloth, so when you place items easier.
(1) forming the laminated product is back, this suspension system compared to traditional air cushion suspension system, the more is the perfect combination of concave and convex stripes ensure ventilation air, air to ensure flexibility and comfort, and more portable.
(2) high density mesh sling, better ventilation, perspiration.
(3) belt still attached to the zipper bag, you can always use some items to put this.
(4) The main pocket also has a grid floor, notebooks and other larger items can be placed here.
(5) at the front and side pieces of high-density elastic fabric, larger items can be placed.
(6) side of the front pocket is accompanied by a group under suspension point, you can hang alpenstock, ice ax stick and other items.
(7) underwrite their own use with a backpack full package covering, removable storm hood

Name: Hiking Series
Model: M556#
Model: M556#
Place of origin: Guangzhou
Weight: 1000g
Specification: 55*25*22cm
Capacity: 30L
Zip: SBS
Fasteners: YNS
Weight: Recommended weight 12Kg
Color: Red \ Yellow \ sky blue \ purple
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