LIFESTRAW GO PINK BOTTLE Carabiner 2 stage Filter

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Perfect for all your escapades in the wilderness and to the adventurers in quest of new adventures, the water bottle LIFESTRAW GO 2-STAGES FILTRATION PINK brand LIFESTRAW has two stages of water filtration.

Whether you’re near a torrent, a river or a waterfall, this water bottle makes drinking water naturally present in the mountains. With two stages of water filtration, this water bottle has a capsule of activated charcoal to reduce the presence of chlorine and decrease the taste and the smell that emanates from it. Its advanced technology filtration eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and allows you to hydrate safely.

Easy to use, simply fill the container with water, suck the water purified by the straw and then unscrew the cap and blow into the straw to remove the residue filtered. Go on an adventure with a robust equipment and useful !

Product features :

  • Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa,
  • Filter up to 1000 liters,
  • Reduces the chlorine content through the capsule of activated charcoal,
  • Improves the smell and taste,
  • Reduces the content in organic chemical contaminants,
  • Weight : 186 g, Dimensions : 235 x 80 mm,
  • Volume : 650 ml,
  • Pore filter : 0.2 microns,
  • BPA-free,
  • Complies with drinking water standards of the EPA (Environmental PRotection Agency).

This technology has been introduced in 2005 to filter natural waters during large natural disasters. Today, for each filter Lifestraw purchased, a child in Africa will be supplied with drinking water for an entire school year.

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