Barbecue Safety

Remember about our last post? Backyard BBQ?

Today we are gonna share some Barbecue safety that MUST be followed.

Before you step out on your back patio, or your balcony to begin barbecuing, you must ensure that griller is in safe, good working order and not RUSTY


  • Keep an eye on what you fry! Stay in the kitchen and never leave cooking food unattended. If you must leave the kitchen, even for a short period of time, turn off the stove.
  • Clean the stove and the area around it before turning on the heat.
  • Keep children and pets at least 3 feet away from the stove. Move items that can burn, such as dishtowels, bags and boxes, away from the stove, and avoid wearing loose clothing while cooking.
  • Turn pot handles to the back of the stove to avoid spills.
  • Use a timer to remind yourself that the stove  is on.
  • When frying food, turn the burner off if you see smoke or if the grease starts to boil. Fires can start when the heat is too high. Carefully remove the pan from the burner.
  • Consider purchasing a fire extinguisher to keep in your kitchen. Contact your local fire department to take training on the proper use of extinguishers.

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