5 Hiking Spot You Must Visit In Malaysia

Looking for your next hiking spot? Let’s see what we’ve got for you!

1. Bukit Keluang

For this visit, no tour guide provided. Actually, there is no compulsory for it. There are two start point for hiking where you can choose on your own. This hiking experience is like a trip to paradise in the blink of an eye. You will forget your aches and pains at that very instance. The surrounding islands of Terengganu (Perhentian Islands and the other smaller ones along South China Sea) are the best islands in the world. The changing hues of the ocean are quite a sight, and the crystal clear waters allow you to see the rocks submerged in them. The hiking up takes around 2 hours of leisure climb but you can see how the locals there only takes around 40 minutes to finish their climb, since climbing Bukit Keluang is like taking a morning walk only!

2. Brinchang

The Cameron Highlands has a reputation for being one of the top trekking destinations in Malaysia, with a network of 14 well known trails surrounding the main town of Tanah Rata. With approximately 4 days smooth journey and average 18 degree celcius add to the challenge that is highly seek by the climber.

Trail 1 – From army quarters to Mount Brinchang: difficult
Trail 2 – Sam Poh Buddhist Temple to join Trail 3: difficult
Trail 3 – Golf Course road’s Arcadia cottage to Trails 2, 3 and others: easy to difficult
Trail 4 – Forestry Department to Parit Waterfall: Easy
Trail 5 – Agriculture Institute (MARDI) to Trail 3: Easy
Trail 6 – Bharat tea estate to Mount Jasar: moderate to difficult
Trail 7 – Agriculture Institute (MARDI) to Mt Beremban: very difficult
Trail 8 – Robinson Waterfall to Mt Beremban: moderate – difficult
Trail 9 – This has 2 trails: 9 and 9 (a) – Robinson Waterfall trails to Tanah Rata: moderate, steep
Trails 10, 11, 12: Jasar Trail: from Oly Apartments at Tanah Rata to Mt Jasar: moderate to tough
Trail 13 – Cameron Holiday Inn to Trail 14
Trail 14 – Tanah Rata to Mount Mentigi, experience Mossy Forest: moderate

3. Gasing Hill

It was once a rubber estate but, in the intervening 60 years, the miraculous restorative powers of nature have been allowed to work their magic and the park is now a haven of lush secondary forest including some pretty large trees. This entrance will take you to various hills in Gasing from east to west. You can walk to the Indian temple and cut across the stream to the west by hiking up a hill and keep left to go to a mini waterfall. From here, you will see the ‘St Francisco Bridge. You can walk across the bridge and turn left and follow the trail till you see a suspended bridge. The rule of the bridge is to keep 5 metres distance from each other so that the weight of the bridge is even out. Cross this bridge, known as Abu Bakar Bridge and hike up and keep to your right. This trail is one of the most magical and scenic experience for hiking, so try it out!

4. Taman Eco Rimba

If you’re looking for Canopy walk per se, KL Forest Eco Park is a good choice because it’s so accessible. So there is no such thing as no hiking in the middle of the city since this place is located just in the vicinity of the big city. The canopy walk is located less than 5 minutes’ walk from the main entrance. The park is good for educational trips as well because they have labels for trees in the park. To sum up, go for it if you need a quick canopy walk thrill within the city. It’s free. It’s accessible. It’s new so no worry about poor maintenance. Just go to the main entrance located near St Andrew’s Church and the journey begins!

5. Bukit Kledang

Okay so here the three reasons to visit Bukit Kledang:

1 A short climb for a rewarding view. Bukit Kledang is only 800 meters tall, but what is even better is that you do not need to reach the summit to enjoy the view. In fact, the summit has got little to no view at it is blocked by trees. A short climb to mid-hill around 250 meters high, you will get an unobstructed view of Ipoh which is the best spot to take pictures.

2 Engage in more than one activity. Bukit Kledang offers a wide range of activities for you to do like running, biking, walking or jungle trekking. There are multiple trails with varying difficulties. Depending on your level of fitness, you will find something suitable for you.

3 You can get a night view of Ipoh. Catch a glimpse of the city’s lights and enjoy the view ofIpoh at night. You can do all these because night trekking on Bukit Kledang can be easy. Bring a torch light and stay on the main road trail. The trail is straight forward and easy to walk on at night.

The trails to hilltop consist of several jungle treks, including also a paved road. The four most prominent hiking trails are 4-2 (an hour), 4-3 (1 ½ hour), 4-9 (2 hours) and RTM (4 hours). The locals fondly refer to the longest trail as RTM as it ends at a broadcasting tower, perched on top of Kledang Hill. You can actually drive a car (4WD preferable) all the way up to the broadcasting tower or popularly known as RTM station at the peak.