4 Place For Your Next Outdoor Trip

#1 Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach is located inside of Penang National Park. Interestingly, it is the smallest national park in the world covering just over 9 square miles. Access to the park and beach are free, you just need to sign in and out so they know no one has been left behind for the evening. This adventure includes BBQ lunch and it kicks off with hotel pick up, where you’ll meet your friendly driver and make your way to crystal blue waters. You will be able to enjoy a 30-minute boat ride to an uninhabited island, where you’ll find sandy beaches, coconut trees, monkeys and wildlife. Choose from fishing in the stunning blue waters, flyfishing, taking a jungle trek through the surrounding foothills, or simply relaxing with surf and sun before enjoying a savoury BBQ cooked right on the beach!

#2 Tasik Kenyir

Kenyir Lake encompasses an area of 260 square km (roughly a third of Singapore), including 340 small islands, 14 waterfalls and 30 rivers feeding the lake. The best time to visit the Lake would be in March and April as the water levels are highest and you get to enjoy Kenyir Lake in its full splendour. The main activity on this lake would most probably be fishing. You can hire boathouse or boats to take you to your fishing destinations. Activities includes fishing, hiking at its various small ‘islands’ , free various herbal sip at Herbal Park and enjoy a good bath while feeding kelah at Kelah Fish Sanctuary. For avid hikers, there’s also hiking up Mount Gagau; its peak is a convergence of three separate state borders (Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan)! The rugged terrain, streams, waterfalls, caves and submerged forests make it an exciting destination for eco-adventures and water sports.

#3 La Hot Spring

La Hot Spring (Taman Rekreasi Air Panas La Hot Spring) is located in Hulu Terengganu remote area about 28 km from Jerteh town, Terengganu. This recreation center has actually long existed and have been visited by local residents during weekends and public holidays to enjoy the beauty of nature. Visitors have the opportunity to watch the hot water which shoots out from a hill slope and flow directly into a pool. La Hot Spring water contains natural sulphur which is said to have healing properties. It is good for curing skin diseases and can be used for bathing. If you want to experience a more nature-like surrounding, you can try climbing up its through it waterfalls till you reach its peak and amazed by how the hot water is being formed up there! The main attraction is the natural hot spring which is believed to be able to cure diseases while maintaining body freshness, but it also offer you experience for wild rock-climbing within its vicinity.

#4 Royal Belum

This rainforest has been in existence for over a 130 million years, making it the oldest rainforest in the world, much older than the Amazon and even the Congo!! A full-day cruise of the olive-green lake will take you to the Temengor Forest Reserve, or the more pristine Royal Belum State Park, which requires an advance notice of at least seven days. Fascinatingly, Belum-Temengor is the only existing forest that’s home to all ten species of hornbill found in Malaysia, which you may encounter if you embark on its journey to its hiking expedition in its lush jungle. You can also hire speedboats to explore the vibrant jungle trails to behold the splendid Rafflesia in full bloom, spot wildlife at salt licks, swim with ikan kelah (mahseer) at a fish sanctuary by a sparkling waterfall. This getaway is very special since you can also visit the quaint bamboo villages of the Jahai or Temiar orang asli (aboriginal people) if you have the endeavour to go rough in your jungle trekking.