4 mistakes people make when PACKING A BAG FOR HIKING!

An improperly packed backpack can not only be uncomfortable, but it can cause muscle strain, injury, headaches and trip stifling pain. A pack that’s off balance or fits loosely can result in loss of momentum, which tires you out sooner, or may even result in a fall. A fall with a heavy pack on can be devastating. Let’s take a few moments to investigate how one should properly pack a backpack for your next, or first, trip. Of course you all cant wait for the Restiction Movement Order to be lifted . Read this now and  your body will thank you in the future!

Mistakes :

Packing heavy items up high.

✅.   You’ll want to make sure that any heavy items in your backpack will be low, and close to your body. This will increase your stability on the trail, as creates a high of a center of balance.

Buy a thin bag pack with a weak frame

  ✅.  Unfortunately, if you cant speed more on the tough frame bags, Make sure you dont over stuff any particular area of your backpack, as this will cause bulges that will create uncomfortable lumps against your back. VM

Put important equipment very deep inside your bag

✅   Items that you’ll need often should be packed high or in easy to access pockets around your pack. O

Packing items on the outside of your backpack❌

✅.  Generally, you’ll want to avoid , as swaying will drain your momentum as the items swing, and you may snag and tear items that are not protected from the pack. This is especially risky if the outside items are tents or sleeping Make sure to always keep your eyes on your bag! In the mean time, check out our limited THICK STRONG Frame Bag Pack by Deuter. Click the link below  . We only sell the best prices!!!