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Tips for Climbing Helmets in Malaysia

Malaysia is full of adventurous places, activities, and events to enjoy and explore.

This is also why it is called the great paradise which is truly Asia in all aspects.

There are lots of activities that are centered for climbing in different activities.

This is why having a climbing helmet is necessary for many.

Buying a climbing helmet for the same shall truly be a very wise action indeed.

However, buying a climbing helmet such as Petzl helmets requires you to have s few tips at hand to make the best out of it. These can also make the best out of you climbing helmet experience too.

Therefore, some things that you should know before buying a climbing helmet, include the following.


Hard shell helmets, foam helmets and hybrid helmets are just three types that should be known well by you. They help determine the activity to which they are suited the most.

This includes different event activities or leisure ones that keep popping up in Malaysia all the while.


The helmet should cover your forehead till your brow line. It should be a perfect fit and the circumference of it should be totally side your whole head around when you buckle it tightly.

However, it should also be comfortable at the very same time. Check nodding your head to say no and yes while you are wearing it without the chin strap fastened. If it's still doesn't shake, it is a good fit.

It should also not dig in your neck when you look up and also have many adjustment features in it too. There are different sizes so making the best pick here is not much of a problem. You can also opt for helmets such as Petzl helmets that have straps for fine tuning adjustability.

This can be done through the rotating dials that they come with. They tune the helmet exactly according to the head size which is useful even if you are wearing a hat to support sunlight or rain that can happen anytime in Malaysia.


This should be the number one priority for you at all times. Make sure that you never buy a used helmet because even one hard hit of the past could cost you bad. Read the limits when they should be changed etc., and make sure you follow them at all times as well.

The safety ratings are obviously there because of a reason and your health, mind and head is not a compromise at all.


There are also other features that should be known too. They depend on how you use your helmet. For example, headlamp clips shall work great for night lovers while venting could also help in high activities that are concentrated in hitter temperatures.

You could also make use of a visor that helps you to clean dirty routes and in ice climbing too.

Since you have now known what is supposed to be considered when making your purchase, make sure you keep all these tips in mind.

They will always make us loved every time you enjoy the win-win experience due to it.